The Front Nine
#1 The first is a slightly dog-legged (left) par 4. Wide fairway, flat green.
#2 A par 3 of around 150m from elevated tee to flat green.
#3 The third is a medium length, slightly dog-legged (right) par 4 requiring an accurate drive. Large trees narrow the target off the tee. Watch out for bears! Flat green.
#4 Par 3 of around 150m. Tricky green with severe breaks depending on pin placement.
#5 A short par 4 requiring reasonable accuracy off the tee. A sloping (front to back) raised target green.
#6 Medium par 4 with large trees right and left off tee, but not posing too great a threat. Sloping green with subtle breaks everywhere.
#7 Par 5 requiring an accurate drive. OB left. Flat green.
#8 Short but demanding par 4. Severe dog-leg left requires placement of tee shot (OB left) then approach over (or around) large white pines in fairway. Green has many subtle breaks. 
#9 A good curving (left) par 5 (OB left) to a small green with some sneaky breaks.
The Back Nine
#10 A straight, short par 5 (stroke 18). OB left. Slightly sloping green.
#11 Nice short par 4 to flat green. Large trees left. 
#12 Par 3 to wide green but surface of green hidden from tee. Some breaks on right of green.
#13 A good par five, dog-leg (right). OB left but shouldn't be a problem. Green has some undulations and needs reading.
#14 Straightforward par 4 to quite roomy green that slopes gently on the left.
#15 Another straight par 4 with trees left and right but not a problem to most. Flat, deep green.
#16 Tricky little par 3 guarded by 2 trees at front. Sloping green front to back.
#17 Good par 4 dog-leg (left). Large green with some slope and subtle breaks.
#18 Great finishing hole. Dog-leg (left) par 4 with large trees guarding left demanding accurate drive. Tight approach shot to green between big, established pines. (Home page pic). Double tiered large, deep green.

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